What We Believe


I. We believe in God, self-existent, infinite in wisdom, power, justice and goodness, the Creator and ruler of all things.

II. We believe in Jesus Christ, God manifest in the flesh, our Savior, Teacher, and Guide, who draws all who will come to Him in love and truthful obedience.

III. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the indwelling of God, the inspirer of the prophets and apostles, the comforter who reproves of sin, instructs in righteousness, the regenerator of mankind through truth.

IV. We believe that the Bible (Old and New Testaments) is the inspired Word of God; and that it is our final authority of faith and rule of practice.

V. We believe that man was made in the image of God and is the noblest work of creation, but because of disobedience to his Creator, he is in need of a Savior, and must be reborn of the Spirit and thus become a heir of eternal life.

VI. We believe that sin is the transgression of God’s will for man and that salvation from sin and eternal death comes through repentance and faith in the shed blood of Christ for the redemption of man.

VII. We believe in the baptism of believers by immersion as a sign of repentance and an affirmation of faith in the Savior’s death and His promise to return.

VIII. We believe in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper as an ordinance of the Church in affirmaton of faith in the Savior’s death and His promise to return.

IX. We believe the seventh day of the week to be the Sabbath of the Lord and is to be kept holy in recognition of God’s will, and that it conforms both with the example and teaching of Christ; a fitting memorial of creation.



Beliefs are not worth much unless they are translated into actions. Based on what the Bible teaches, we feel very strongly about the following eight practices:

S abbathkeeping – Ex. 20:8-11; St. Mark 2:27-28

B ible as our sole authority – II Tim. 3:15

A utonomy of each local Church – Col. 1:18

P riesthood of every believer – I Pet. 2:9

T ithing – Lev. 26:30; St. Matt. 23:23

I mmersion – Col. 2:12

S pirit-led living – St. John 15:5

T elling others about Christ – I Pet. 3:15



We believe that God calls His people to know some things, to do some things, and to be some things. Based on that idea, we have developed some Core Qualities. We challenge our members to know (believe), do and be these things:


  1. Salvation By Grace – Eph. 2:8-9
  2. Tri-une God – II Cor. 13:14
  3. Authority Of The Bible – II Tim. 3:16-17
  4. Personal God – Psalm 121
  5. Our Identity In Christ – St. John 1:12-13
  6. The Church – Eph. 4:15-16
  7. Stewardship – I Tim. 6:17-19
  8. The Priesthood Of All Believers – I Pet. 2:9
  9. Humanity – St. John 3:16
  10. Eternity – St. John 14:1-4



  1. Worship – Psalm 95:1-7
  2. Prayer – Psalm 66:16-20
  3. Bible Study – Heb. 4:12
  4. Biblical Community – Acts 2:42-47
  5. Spiritual Gifts – Rom. 12:4-6a
  6. Witnessing – Eph. 6:19-20
  7. Sabbathkeeping – St. Mark 2;27-28
  8. The Ordinances – Rom. 6:3-4; I Cor. 11:23-30
  9. Spirit-led Living – St. John 15:5
  10. Servanthood – Phil. 2:5-11



  1. Love – I John 4:10-12
  2. Joy – St. John 15:11
  3. Peace – Phil. 4:6-7
  4. Patience – Prov. 14:29
  5. Kindness/Goodness – I Thess. 5:15
  6. Faithfulness – Prov. 3:3-4
  7. Gentleness – Phil. 4:5
  8. Self-Control – I Thess. 5;6
  9. Hope – Heb. 6:17-20
  10. Humility – Phil. 2:3-4